Caulking with Power Tools

Caulking with Power Tools

I noticed recently that I’ve got some cracked caulking on the outside of some of these windows. Here on the side it’s completely split from the frame. And also here. So the other month when this company – Sashco – reached out to me offering a caulking product, I was pretty excited. And this material is really stretchy so I don’t think it’s going to crack like the old stuff has. Anyway, I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a video showing off my Milwaukee Cordless Caulk Gun to make calking repairs. Here goes! The first step is to always remove the old caulking. The surface has to be clean for the new product to stick. And that I do using an oscillating tool equipped with this mushroom blade. After one side is free, it’s usually pretty easy to peel away the rest of the material.

Once the bulk is removed, to clean and prepare the surface, I spray some rubbing alcohol. For extra measure, I go over everything with a plastic scraper to make absolutely sure there’s no residue left. If at any point a particular section gives you trouble, hit it with a heat gun or a hair dryer. The hot air also has the effect of evaporating out any remaining moisture. Now a quick vacuum. And it’s ready for tape. I use a 1/4” setup block as a spacer to ensure the tape is applied consistently and evenly throughout. Now for my favorite part – using the electric caulking gun. All done! Err, no. Just kidding. Anyone that’s ever done this knows caulking never goes on right the first time. Try your best to avoid making a mess like me. But don’t worry if you do. Should any material spill off the tape, just wipe it off at the end with a wet paper towel.

Final step is to smooth everything out with a little water. And now it’s really done. Only a dozen more windows go. Now I’m no caulking professional, but I hope you picked up a tip or two in this one. And if you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them. Meanwhile if you want to get some of this product for yourself, Click the link below for Sashco. I’m having too much fun with this. HIGH FIVE for watching!.

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