I wanted to tell you about a project that I’ve been putting off forever and I finally tackled this weekend. And as always the mental build up was way more daunting than the task itself.

I wanted to reorganize my closet so I finally took my own advice and broke it down to little steps. In fact I only did the first two steps and I still feel a huge weight off my shoulders.

And the reason is because I focused on Simplification vs. Organization. And here’s exactly how to do that:

Step#1. Set your timer for 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes girlfriend and I know you can find 20 minutes at least one day this week.

Step#2. Go to your space and simplify, don’t organize. And that means PURGE! Purge woman purge, purge like your life depends on it. Just stand in there and tear up anything that doesn’t fit, it’s like too big or too small; that you just hate wearing, it makes you frumpy, fat or funny; that’s really old like worn or frayed; or is just totally out of style.

And if 20 minutes isn’t enough, chances are it isn’t, then schedule another 20 minute block later in the day or the next day and continue to be ruthless until you get all that unnecessary stuff out.

Look at the progress I made in just 20 minutes in my closet. And that’s it! No color coordinating your clothes or brought in new tension rods or hangers and pretty bins, just simplify.

That’s all what I want you to focus on. You’ll spend much less time deciding what to wear every day and you’ll have a ton more space and you’ll have a huge load off your shoulders.

Simplifying your stuff is key to have in your life run more smoothly and to make and keep you happier.

So for this week’s challenge: Commit to one 20 minute block of time, don’t forget to use your timer to focus on simplify not on organizing your closet or any other space in your home.

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