Push fit fittings – Plumbing Tips

This instructional video will show you how a push fit fitting works and how to install one.

Let’s look how the push fit fitting is assembled.

There is the main valve body, the rubber seating washer, the washer jumper that holds the rubber washer in place, the pipe clamp that holds the pipe in place, and the end nut that holds all this tightly together in one piece.

The rubber washer is first inside the fitting, then the washer jumper, the pipe clamp, and finally the end nut.

If we look closely at the pipe clamp we can see it has metal teeth that grip the pipe one way so you can push it on the pipe but not pull it off. Push fit fittings can be used on both copper and plastic pipe.

Plastic pipe requires a small metal sleeve to be inserted into it. This prevents the pipe from collapsing. Push the nut over the pipe and fully insert the pipe into the fitting. Tighten the nut. If we remove If we remove the pipe from the fitting we can see that the rubber sealing washer is successfully around the pipe creating a watertight seal.

And that’s how push fit fittings work.

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