The True Story Of How Was Created By Rick E Patterson


It is said, Life’s journey is made of the steps you took yesterday which got you where you are today, and of the steps you will take tomorrow.

I’d like to share my journey of how I got to where I am today as a creator of TheHandymanToolbox.

As a young boy, I found great satisfaction working with my hands, and a special interest in wood shop, metal shop, and drafting class in middle school.

At the age of 20, I began developing my trade skills set as an electrician apprentice in my home town at an industrial manufacturing plant construction site in 1976.

I later joined the USAF and trained in the Civil Engineering Division as a carpenter where I furthered my interest in learning more construction trade skills. Basically, I was a glorified handyman doing the typical improvement and repair projects I do today. I completed my military career as NCOIC of over 1.8 Million sq ft of roofing which included all the aircraft hangers, commercial buildings, and residential housing on base.

After fulfilling my military service, I continued my home improvement interests by buying houses, moving in, remodeling it, and selling it on the market.


12 Years PM (Post Military)


One day, I was working under the kitchen sink in my home. I sat up and said to my wife, “You know with as much work as I do here in this home, I bet I can do handyman projects for a living!” To which she responded, “Why don’t you!”

So the next day in August of 1998, I printed a handful of business flyers and went out knocking doors in a local subdivision.

It didn’t take long for the community to hear about my new handyman business, actually in less than 2 years, I had reached a point in my career to where I had 6 months of work promised out in advance.

Now, that’s a great place to be, however, one day I realized if something was to happen to me like, an injury or a prolonged illness, my career and income would suffer catastrophically.

The only way I could avoid being caught in this situation was to duplicate myself… figuratively of course!

I knew there were only 2 ways to get the business experience I needed:

One was to go through the process of trial and error of learning on my own which would take years…

Or go learn from someone else who has already gone through that process and learn from their success and failures.

So I wisely developed a 5 year plan to remedy that concern of mine.

I located the most successful handyman company 3 years running, in the northwest US and moved there to go work for them. I learned everything there was to know about how to run a successful handyman company.

Within 6 months, I became their lead handyman. Why? Because I had a mission and purpose.


My Dream Come True!


A few years later, I moved to north Georgia in a college town to launch my own successful handyman company.

I hired 27 local handymen who were struggling with finding enough work to keep them busy, and trained them in how to be more successful by working for my handyman company.

We were an immediate success in the community!

Our main focus was servicing the local real estate investors association and the regional realtors association.


My Nightmare Began…


Then the housing bubble busted!

And along with other handyman companies across the US, things feel apart quickly.

In less than a year, we lost over 80% of our revenue and I had let to let go of all my staff and temporarily down-size the company.

But I couldn’t generate the income I was accustomed to in that area , so I moved to Atlanta and personally got back into the field servicing local clients.

Yes, I went back to knocking doors and handing out flyers with a list of al of my skills. Why not, that’s how I started my handyman career years ago!

The most common question that most people would ask was, “How do I know you can do all of these things?”

I thought to myself, “Well that IS an issue coming from a complete stranger. Where is my proof?”

I began taking before and after pictures, but always felt it was not enough.

I needed to record all of my work and post them online for others to see for themselves.


The Birth of The Handyman Toolbox


For Christmas that year, I asked Santa for a new camera that had the capability to record videos as well take pictures.

And as luck would have it, one morning during a severe ice storm here in Atlanta, I heard water running from upstairs. After checking throughout the house, I could not locate the sound of running water. I went to the basement, and discovered a small lake forming in the basement! I quickly turned off the main to the hose and began exploring even more to where the leak happened.

Turns out that there was a plumber who had done some repair work up in the attic, but failed to insulate the pipe on which he had worked. That 2 foot section of uninsulated pipe froze and burst, thus leaving 3 floors of water damage in its wake!

I grabbed my camera and a flashlight, and began video recording the whole repair process. I made 17 DIY how-to videos from that one incident.

I also created a YouTube channel called. TheHandymanToolbox and uploaded these videos as I made them.

Viewers were submitting comments of appreciation and asking questions about the videos I had posted. I faithfully kept recording and posting more videos as time went on.

One day, in March 2012, I received an email from Google congratulating me on the success of my channel after having received 100,000 total views. They asked me if I would like to become a YouTube Partner offering me FREE training on how to make more videos. Of course, I joined!

From that day since then, I began recording even more quality video content on every job I accepted.


The Journey Continues…


In 2017, TheHandymanToolbox reached staggering levels of popularity with over 200,000 new viewers each month, with over 10, 000 subscribers and over 6,800,000 views!

I am both humbled and grateful for the success of TheHandymanToolbox created by the growing and loyal community of DIY Enthusiasts who support my efforts in providing quality content about DIY home improvement and repair.

Because of this success, I have created a website for the DIY Community to further develop their knowledge, skills and expertise in home maintenance and repair.

There are 2 Communities established inside TheHandymanToolbox:

  • DIY Enthusiasts (includes those with interest levels ranging from Passionate to DIY-curious)
  • Handymen, Contractors & Other Home Service Pros

I invite you to join one of our communities.

There you’ll find many cool features such as:

  • Q&A Forum, Tricks Of The Trade
  • Tools Of The Trade, Tools & Products Reviews
  • DIYUniversity, Where Knowledge is Fun & DIY is Contagious!
  • Monthly newsletter, packed with trending DIY Topics
  • Contractors Link, Where Homeowners & Pros Connect.
  • Monthly “Win Free Tools Contest” …everyone loves this one!
  • And much more…


Join Our DIY Community.    Click Here Now!





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